महाराष्ट्र राज्याच्या परिपत्रकानुसार २८ सप्टेंबर ची सुट्टी रद्द करण्यात आली आहे. त्या ऐवजी २९ सप्टेंबर ला ती सुट्टी जाहीर करण्यात आली आहे. नामको बँकेच्या सर्व शाखा उद्या सुरू असतील व २९ सप्टेंबर रोजी बंद रहातील. बँकेच्या ग्राहकांनी याची नोंद घ्यावी- नामको बँक .

Not only history but it’s a tribute to valuable customers…!

When we look at the history of banking approximately 57 years ago, it is very difficult to get finance from banks not only in Nasik but the other parts of the Maharashtra for a common man or a small industrialist or a small merchant for their true needs.

In those days Banks policy was to collection of deposits from the rural areas and Distribute these deposits as a loan to specific industries as loan and to collect more and more profits from it in the name of secured banking. So the actual needy people are not getting the benefits of banking from such policies.

To break this tradition, some prominent and hard working social activists came together to remove such barricades between a common and needy people and the Bank, and so "NAMCO", as it is popularly called, took birth on 11 June 1959 on a auspicious day of Nagpanchami, in house no.99,Gaidhani Wada, at auspicious hands of Principle S.G.Puranik. Other enthusiast social workers like late Visukaka Kshatriya, late Dadasaheb Potnis, Mamasaheb Shukla, Prabhakarpant Modak, Gopalrao Pathak, Annasaheb Kulkarni, M.S.Aurangabadkar, BabubhaiRathi, G.V.Ashtaputre, Narayan Vaishya and many other social workers gave an excellent contribution .It is very difficult journey from 1959 to 1975 to emerge as a bank for the common man.

Some Glorious Achievements :

Branches :Inculding Administrative Office total Branches 81

Out of state 2 Branches

In the new edge of technology, there are vast customer services options to provide better banking solutions. In India's 500 topmost software companies, 25% software companies are in our Maharastra as well as 40% people using internet. In a such situation the computerized banking concept is not only limited for the cosmopolitan cities but it started on the rural areas too. So reach more and more customers and provide them the fastest way of services, the Bank moves towards the Core Banking Solutions. And successfully completed his core banking solutions and implemented for all branches in March 2007. Because the strong technology base bank is always ahead in banking.

To improve the strength of staff and officers bank arranges time to time training schedules for the advance banking and better customer care. In the results we proud to say that The Nasik Merchants C0-Op bank Ltd., is the first bank having his own data centre with Core Banking solutions in North Maharashtra. At celebration of 57 glorious year, Bank working as bridge between common man and easy Banking with newest technology in a customer friendly way.

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